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Od 20.08.2010 posiadamy certyfikat Rzetelnej Firmy, który jest szczególnym potwierdzeniem naszej rzetelności i terminowego regulowania zobowiązań.


Water treatment is a complex process with many stages, which is related directly with quality and physico-chemical parameters of water and its destiny. Water treatment is also the demineralization of water, which is gaining increasing importance of reverse osmosis. The water obtained in the process of reverse osmosis is devoid of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.

Technology and equipment

We use modern technologies and equipment in the field:

  • filtration
  • deironing
  • manganese
  • softening
  • demineralization
  • desalination
  • systems (systems) dosing
  • RO

We specialize in:

  • Suppression of Legionella
  • removal of biological life
  • chemical cleaning of condenser
  • chemical cleaning of exchangers
  • chemical cleaning of boilers

We offer our clients a professional service:

  • water analysis on the basis of the sample from the circulation
  • selection of appropriate chemical product
  • development of technology
  • proposals for new solutions
  • optimal selection and installation of systems and equipment
  • comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service

We have professional laboratory chemicals.

We have our own equipment for water analysis..